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Warhammer 40 000

V roce 2023 vydalo nakladatelství Black Library.


EAN 9781804075531
Univerzum Warhammer 40.000
Počet stran 739
Rozměr 130 x 200 mm
Rok vydání 2023
Jazyk anglický
Vazba brožovaná

The Blackstone Fortress: a vast, ineffable creation that looms darkly in the void. And for all its foreboding, the Fortress is, for some, an irresistible reliquary of secrets and power. From the nearby spaceport of Precipice, wracked by geomantic storms and teeming with political intrigue and treacherous skulduggery, shadowy figures form unlikely alliances. Treasure-hunters and pirates, cutpurses and assassins, disgraced rogue traders such as the legendary Janus Draik… all will delve into the Blackstone Fortress in search of riches. Many will never be seen again.

Journey into the Blackstone Fortress with this bumper edition of stories and novels from Warhammer Quest – what secrets lurk in the obsidian vaults, and what ruinous powers wait to be discovered?

NNovinka Blackstone Fortress: The Omnibus
Původní cena:
45  (10 %)


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