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The History of Middle-earth 8: The History of the Lord of the Rings 3 - The War of the Ring

The History of Middle-earth

V roce 2015 vydalo nakladatelství HarperCollins Publishers.


EAN 9780261102231
Univerzum Středozem (Middle-earth)
Počet stran 482
Rozměr 130 x 195 mm
Rok vydání 2015
Jazyk anglický
Vazba brožovaná

The War of the Ring takes up the story The Lord of the Rings with the Battle of Helm's Deep and the drowning of Isengard by the Ents, continues with the journey of Frodo, Sam and Gollum to the Pass of Cirith Ungol, describes the war in Gondor, and ends with the parley between Gandalf and the ambassador of the Dark Lord before the Black Gate of Mordor. Unforseen developments that would become central to the narrative are seen at the moment of their emergence: the palantír bursting into fragments on the stairs of Orthanc, its nature as unknown to the author as to those who saw it fall, or the entry of Faramir into the story ('I am sure I did not invent him, I did not even want him, though I like him, but there he came walking through the woods of Ithilien').
The book is illustrated with plans and drawings of the changing conceptions of Orthanc, Dunharrow, Minas Tirith and the tunnels of Shelob's Lair.

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