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The Invisible Man

V roce 2019 vydalo nakladatelství Arcturus Publishing.


EAN 9781838575625
Počet stran 208
Rozměr 125 x 195 mm
Rok vydání 2019
Jazyk anglický
Vazba brožovaná

A stranger emerges out of a freezing February day with a request for lodging in a cozy provincial inn. Who is this out-of-season traveler? More confounding is the thick mask of bandages obscuring his face. Why is he disguised in such a manner? What keeps him hidden in his room? The villagers, aroused by trepidation and curiosity, bring it upon themselves to find the answers. What they discover is not only a man trapped in the terror of his own creation, but a chilling reflection of the unsolvable mysteries of their own souls.

Původní cena:
20  (10 %)


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